Traditional vs. Climate (temperature) Controlled Storage

Published on 1/16/2024
So many choices in storage today! Traditional (typical drive up access) storage unit or climate (temperature) controlled storage. How to decide which is right for you?

Let's first discuss the key differences.

Temperature Swings
With climate controlled, the temperature is set at 60 degrees in the winter and 80 in the summer. Obviously, just like in your home, the temperature will fluctuate a few degrees based on what the outside temperature is and the cycling of the HVAC unit but the temperature is maintained close to the setting on the thermostat. This is just a 20 degree temperature swing from winter to summer. Most items can be stored with little adverse affect from these types of temperature swings.

With traditional storage there is no attempt made to control the temperature in the unit. If it is -20 degrees outside, it is likely -20 degrees in your storage unit. If it is 90 degrees outside the storage unit, due to the sun shine, it is likely 110 degrees inside. This is a 130 degree temperature swing. This extreme change in temperature over time can be hard on your stored goods especially if it is stored for several of these temperature swings. Some items are perfectly suited and are designed for these types of extreme temperature fluctuations but most are not.

Our Climate controlled storage is inside of a building. There are LED lights outside near each entrance to make sure that you are in a well lit area for safety and security. Once inside the facility has motion activated LED lights allowing you to move your items into your unit after sunset.

Traditional storage has exterior only lights. The inside of the storage unit may be quite dark if you go to your unit after sunset.

With our climate controlled storage, each tenant receives a unique code to get in the door. After that, each storage unit is locked up giving two levels of security for your stored items.

Traditional storage, the lock on the unit is the only level of security.

Climate controlled storage requires that you place your items on one of our provided moving carts and take it to your storage unit inside the building.

Traditional storage allows you to drive up to your unit and unload your items conveniently with little to no extra steps required.

Due to the additional expenses involved in operating climate controlled storage (it costs a lot to heat and cool a space that large) climate controlled storage is more expensive than traditional storage.

Traditional storage is a much more economical option for storing your stuff.

Now that you know some of the key differences between traditional and climate controlled storage, it is time for you to choose which to rent to meet your needs.

Have temperature sensitive items? Climate controlled is your best option.
Planning to store small household items? While either will work to store these items, climate controlled will keep them in better condition for the longer term.
Have larger items like cars, trucks, boats, ATV/UTV, snowmobile etc? Traditional storage is for you.
Just need short term storage? Either will work. Again, climate controlled is the better alternative but if you are on a budget, traditional storage is your better option.

Thanks for reading! If you have specific questions regarding traditional or climate controlled storage, please feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to help out any way we can!