Self Storage Tips

Use this page to get ideas on how to have an excellent self storage experience

  • Place items on pallets or blocks of wood. Concrete sweats. You will be much happier if your stored goods are off the concrete.

  • Cover your stored items. The doors do not seal out the dust. Cover your items to keep them cleaner.

  • Keep an inventory of what is in your unit. When you are looking for something, you will be able to tell if it is at home or in storage.

  • Insure your stored goods. It is best if you have insurance on your stored items as our insurance does not cover your stored goods.

  • Use a good lock. The disc lock is provided for you. You can use this lock or your own lock.

  • Keep the snow cleared. You are responsible to keep the snow/ice cleared in the area within 3 feet of the front of your unit.

  • Do not store food. Storing food in a storage unit is never a good plan as it may attract insects or rodents. Give your food to your friends/relatives or donate it to a food pantry.

  • Do not attach anything to the walls, floor, ceiling or door of the unit. Nails or screws can penetrate through to the unit next door causing opportunities for damage to stored goods or for people to get hurt.

  • Stack with care. Stack heavy things on the bottom progressively getting lighter towards the top.

  • Use space well. Fill empty things (dresser drawers, washer/dryer etc.) with small items to maximize the space you have available.

  • Pack well. When packing delicate/fragile items, pack them in bubble wrap, newspaper, towels, etc. to ensure that they will not be damaged.

  • Drive safely. Many people will be driving an over sized vehicle (moving van etc.) and/or pulling a trailer. Please remember that these types of vehicles need to make wide turns or are taller than normal vehicles. Plan enough space, drive slowly and watch your mirrors to avoid hitting pedestrians, cars and other objects. Please remain on the driveways at all times.