Self Storage Tips

Use this page to get ideas on how to have an excellent self storage experience

    • Insurance is mandatory: If your homeowners or renters insurance does not cover off-site storage, you can purchase a tenant protection plan through our website.
    • Do not store food: Storing food attracts mice and insects! Give your food to your friends, relatives or donate to a food pantry.
    • Use of a high security lock is required: A high security lock is provided for you to use during the duration of your rental. Use of the combination lock is not secure!
    • Place items on pallets or blocks of wood: Concrete sweats, keeping items off the floor will help the air circulate.
    • Stack with care: Stack larger, heavier items on the bottom progressively getting lighter towards the top.
    • Cover your stored items: Think garage - the doors do not seal out the dust. Cover your items to keep them cleaner.
    • Keep the snow cleared: You are responsible to keep the snow/ice cleared within 3 feet of the front of your unit and side if you have a corner unit.
    • Do not build, fasten or attach anything to the floor, walls, ceiling or door: Nails or screws can penetrate through to the unit next door causing opportunities for damage to stored goods or for people to get hurt.
    • Drive safely: GO SLOW!! Many people will be driving an over-sized vehicle and/or pulling a trailer. Please remember that these types of vehicles need to make wide turns or are taller than normal vehicles. Plan enough space and watch your mirrors to avoid hitting buildings, cars and pedestrians/children. Please remain on the driveways at all times.